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M O T H E R ' S D A Y

Mother's day seems the perfect opportunity to start our online blog, because after all we are a mother and daughter duo. It also gives me the chance to show my love and appreciation and introduce my mum (Jane), business partner and talented candle maker. I am totally biased but mums candles are the best !

In a previous life mum was was a nurse and midwife and has always been interested in aromatherapy and essential oils, and the properties they have for wellbeing. So during the first lockdown mum decided to start candle making using pure essential oils and soy wax, as it was a great distraction from the stresses that many of us were going through. Mum, being the caring person she is, was giving her candles to friends and family as it only started out as a hobby and to keep her busy during obscure times. Friends were giving mum great feedback on the candles, the quality, the burn time and most of all the beautiful scents she had created and many suggested she should sell them.

Mum and I sat and brainstormed brand name ideas, but Plain Jane Candles seemed to be fitting in more ways than one. When asked how to spell Jane, the response would always be Plain Jane and it was ironic because mums candles are far from plain. This was then tied in with beautiful packaging which was designed by a close family friend. Hand drawn illustrations of the ingredients used within the essential oils, which was then printed onto brown card to give the organic, fresh natural image that mum had in mind. Plain Jane was born.

It takes a while to get the right mix of essential oils, and to figure out what works well together and what doesn't. But over the past couple of years mum has really honed in on 4 different scents.

Patchouli, Grapefruit & Juniper - An Earthy, woody undertone paired with a sweet, fresh crisp finish

Ylang, Ylang, Bergomot & Lime - A deep rich, floral summery undertone with a crisp sweet aroma.

Geranium Orange & Lime - A herbaceous green scent, citrusy and sweet with a minty rose undertone.

Neroli & Cedarwood - A woody undertone with a green, floral citrusy top note.

A message from mum, 'Thank you to all my friends and family for testing my creations and all the different scents I have experimented with. It's always great to get your feedback and opinions and most of all having all of your support. A huge thank you to my friend Mandy, who designed my packaging and really brought it to life.'

If you would to shop mums candle collection please click the link below:

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