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Jane & Harry's is located in the small coastal village of Alnmouth in Northumberland.



Jane and Harry have been connected to Alnmouth for over 18 years, with this in mind, the creative duo decided to open an independent lifestyle store that celebrates local makers and creators, giving them a retail platform in which they can expand and sell their products.


Always full of lovingly hand-selected designs, unique and inspiring, whether you are looking for something for your home, yourself or someone else, many of which are inspired by the idillic Northumberland seascapes and countryside. 


Jane & Harry, a mother and daughter duo who set out to curate a collection of local artists and designers in a lifestyle shop


Mum Jane, a retired nurse, and midwife, has always had an interest in aromatherapy and essential oils due to their properties in promoting wellbeing. During the pandemic Jane started making candles as a hobby and giving them to family and friends as a gift. As a result of feedback she received about the quality, burn time and beautiful long-lasting scent,  Jane decided to turn her hobby into a business and so Plain Jane candles was born. Jane only uses pure essential oils and soy wax in her candles which are certified organic and handmade from her kitchen in Alnmouth.


Daughter Harriett, graduated from Leeds College of Art with a first-class honours degree. Seven years ago she launched Just Harry - a local independent and sustainable fashion brand based in Alnmouth. Harriet focuses on the reconstruction of preloved denim jeans to create a unique and timeless collection of jackets and accessories – each one handmade and therefore unique. Just Harry has been featured in Selfridges London with a collaboration with DEPOP. 

The creative pair hope to be making waves in the coastal village of Alnmouth. So if you are looking for a gift or a memory of Northumberland, please pop in and say hello. 


One of our main values is to support our local community. To adhere to this value, we work with local small businesses to promote locally sourced and sustainable products.



Not only will you be supporting a small lndependent business, you will be supporting the next generation of local creatives.

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