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Today we celebrate TWO YEARS of trading, and we can't quite believe how much we have grown over the last 2 years. From opening our doors in the midst of a pandemic to where we are today. It was a huge risk and leap of faith, but paths never taken are dreams never discovered right ?

With both of us being creatives it seemed like a brilliant idea to open an independent lifestyle and gift shop. We had mums candles (Plain Jane Candles) and my sustainable denim clothing (Just Harry). Having started Just Harry seven years ago and having done many markets, I have met lots of local artists and designers along the way. When opening up the shop, we wanted to celebrate local makers and creators like ourselves, giving them a retail platform in which they can expand and sell their products. What better gift to take away with you than one designed and made locally in Northumberland.

Over the two years we have most certainly grown, from what we thought was a fully stocked shop to what we now know as a fully stocked shop is such a difference.

T H E S H O P T H R O U G H T H E Y E A R S . . .

W H Y N O T H A V E A F L I C K T H R O U G H . . .

We aim to continue to grow our little business and our shop awareness. Over the last six months we have been focusing on marketing and our online presence. We have a newly designed website where you can shop all our local artists and designers, homewares and gifts from he comfort of your own home. We have been sharing our story, processes and products with you on our social media platforms and we have been upping our email marketing game to keep you in the loop with new arrivals, special offers and exclusive events.

We would love to thank all of you who have supported us over the past two years while we have been building our little business, none of this would be possible without you.

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